Frequently asked Questions


What are civil services?

Civil services are services like IAS, IFS, IPS, and IRS etc. Directly related to public services to public services and are considered very much prestigious in India.

How to get into Civil services Of India?

Union Public Service Exam for Posts like IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS and many more.

How the post is allotted after clearing UPSC Civil Services Exam?

Once you clear exam, according to your rank and preferences given in main exam form by you, the post is allotted.

How many stages are there in civil services conducted by UPSC?

You have their stages of exam
> Preliminary Test (Objective in Nature)
> Main Exam (Subjective in Nature)
> Interview

How many papers are there in Preliminary test?

There are 2 papers in Preliminary test both are objective in nature.
Paper I is that of General Studies i.e. G.S, marks of which are counted for passing Preliminary test.
Paper II is that of CSAT which includes aptitude, which is qualifying in nature.

How many papers are there in main Exam?

There are total 9 papers in main exam and all are subjective in nature.
1> Papers I-Essay-(250 marks)
2> Papers II- General Studies I-(250 marks)
3> Papers III- General Studies II-(250 marks)
4> Papers IV- General Studies III-(250 marks)
5>Papers V- General Studies IV-(250 marks)
6>Papers VI-Optional Subject Paper 1(250 marks)
7>Papers VII-Optional Subject Paper 2(250 marks)
Apart from above 7 papers which are counted for merit, there are two more papers which are qualify in nature ,namely English and Indian language paper.(300 marks for each paper).

What is normally schedule of exam?

Generally Notification of exam comes in February. Preliminary Test is conducted in June, Main Exam in October and Interview in next year's march - April. In another words, it is a cycle of one whole year.

Which Optional Should I Choose for UPSC Mains?

UPSC has given a list of around 50 optional subject. Out of which you have to choose only one .Based on your own interest, success of that particular optional in previous years you can choose your optional.
It is not necessary to choose optional according to your graduations. Irrespective of your background you can choose optional. But most of student prefer subjects from Humanities.

Is it necessary to join any coaching to prepare for civil Services?

It is not necessary to join coaching. But it is recommended because coaching gives you directions and keeps you on track throughout your preparation.

Is there negative marking in UPSC exam?

For Preliminary test 0.33 mark is deducted for each wrong answer for mains there is no negative marking.